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or download the pack mkwii :
You choose Darky Kart wii
let me tell you what is this
1: What is Darky kart wii ?
Darky kart wii is one of the big pack of Mario kart wii, there are many texture here (~100), you can choose what texture, music you want, enable "my stuff" folder, select the color drift and more
here a video of DKW V5
2: How i get this pack ?
click the download below, you have 2 chooses, parts or torrent...  
(torrent is recommended if you are confuse with parts but the download will be long)
Download part 2
Download part 4
Download part 1
Download part 3
How to install :
1) Download the pack
2) open it with WINRAR and extract
3) you have 2 folders (after SD folder) : DKW and riivolution
4) drag the folder into your sd card
(not in my stuff, not in mkwii folder !)
5) Done ! you installed DKW !
another pack will come for ctgp 1.03 ! please be sure you delete the ctgp xml in riivolution folder from the V5 pack
you can have more info (in french) about dkw here :
Mario kart wii
Darky Gallery made by DarkyBenji, Tools used : Web Acappella
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